14 gifts perfect for the tech enthusiast in your life

In terms of gift-giving, buying sub-optimal substitutes halfway through seldom explains the problem.Especially for those who love technology in your life, you must go all out.Giving generously does not mean bankruptcy.When you choose to confirm at checkout, you can pay over time through a simple and transparent financing method-no hidden fees, service fees or late fees (see footer for details).When you buy, you will know exactly how much you owe.Then you can focus on the good things: spend a special holiday with your loved ones.
Here, 14 of our favorite gifts are given to that person this holiday season.(See footer for details.)
Thanks to the smart dual sensor technology, the golden mute brought by Sony’s stylish and high-quality noise-cancelling WH100XM4 headphones is only part of the advantage.Whether you are in a crowded office or a bustling airport, you will hear every note of music without the chaos around-perfect for holidays and other times.
For restless manufacturers and tinkers, Glowforge is the ultimate attempt to enter the ever-expanding world of 3D printing.Easily set up in less than 30 minutes, free software, and compatibility with hundreds of materials means you can immediately start making whatever you dream (or download).
AORUS integrates all the processing power of a bulky gaming PC into this stylish, lightweight, compact and highly portable notebook.The latest Intel Core™ i7 processor allows you to play all your favorite music smoothly and clearly.
Olympus OM-D E5 draws style and design inspiration from the rugged and durable rangefinders of the past, and is one of the most powerful digital cameras on the market.This camera uses the newly released autofocus system to shoot at 50 megapixels, making it a firm travel companion for travels near and far.The OM-D E5 is weather-sealed due to its rough and tumbling roots, so there is no problem shooting in light rain and snow.
The future of games and immersive media are all closely related to VR.Oculus Quest 2 is equipped with the latest hardware, which can perfectly close the distance between you and countless wonderful virtual worlds.As the library of games and experiences continues to grow, this is a must-have for any gamer or fledgling technology enthusiast.
Yes, it may be one of the most popular wearable devices on the planet, but the Apple Watch has won this praise for a reason.Whether you use it as an activity tracker, a mobile phone extension, or just as a standalone tool, Series 7 is very powerful and intuitive, especially when used with the Visible Wireless plan, which prioritizes family data sharing instead of dramatic.
There is a new best seat in the house.This high-tech recliner is equipped with a zero-gravity massager, which can truly reduce all the weight of your back. The L-shaped roller can hit all pressure points and provide full-body air massage through five massage methods.There is even a built-in Bluetooth speaker in the headrest, allowing you to enjoy the spa atmosphere.
Love your cat, but don’t like cleaning up after them?Let technology deal with the mess of garbage robot 3.This WiFi-enabled litter box can be scooped up and cleaned automatically, so you never have to worry about your cat having clean facilities.It is difficult to put a price tag on it now.
For smartphone enthusiasts who want the latest, best, and most powerful handheld devices, Google Pixel 6 is sure to leave a deep impression.Equipped with cutting-edge AI software, a new version of Android and Google’s first processor, Tensor, this smartphone is changing the rules of the game.
Home security is only the beginning of smart doorbells.SimpliSafe’s Video Doorbell Pro allows you to receive packages easily and safely, respond quickly when you cannot reach the door, and monitor your front door entrance from any smartphone.
Turn your entertainment center into a work of art.When closed, Samsung’s award-winning Frame Smart TV is able to display a series of artworks to adapt to changing light conditions, thanks to the built-in sensor.
For always hungry pets and forgetful owners, the feeding robot ensures that your four-legged friends always have food to eat-even if you are not at home.Wi-Fi-enabled feeders distribute food or snacks through apps to achieve healthy meal distribution.It will save the day when you rush out of the house without checking your pet’s bowl.
For users who need a high-quality gaming and entertainment experience through a PC, ASUS ROG Strix is ​​the first choice.From high-performance 4K gaming to multitasking, this machine does everything in an eye-catching style.
You can help your loved ones protect all their investments through a high-tech home security system.Use SimpliSafe’s dual camera setup to give you peace of mind throughout the year.The camera is compatible with all SimpliSafe accessories, can be viewed from any smartphone, tablet or computer, full-color high-definition film, and has an intelligent motion detection system that can sense human body heat.
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Post time: Dec-27-2021