Denver Beer Spa launches self-pour beer and wine

The Beer Spa by Snug will open next week, with ten self-service faucets powered by iPourIt technology
Denver, Colorado — Snug’s Beer Spa is a new health spa that offers beer bath therapy and will open next week in Denver’s Five Point Community. The spa includes four private beer treatment rooms and a high-tech relaxation lounge, as well as a ten-tap self-pouring faucet.
Each beer treatment room has a cedar hot tub that can be used for hops, barley and herbal-infused spa treatments, as well as infrared saunas, rain showers and relaxation platforms. The beer therapy room can be booked for one to two people at a time and can be used for 60 minutes each time. Guests can also relax on the social distance zero-gravity massage chairs in the spa’s space-themed relaxation lounge. The smart massage chair is manufactured with NASA-inspired technology, which can perform 4D body scanning and provide customized professional-grade full-body massage.
The owner and husband and wife team, Jessica French and Damien Zouaoui decided to collaborate on a new business and left their home in New York City, starting a 14-month journey across 25 countries in search of innovative business ideas. When they found a beer spa in Zakopane, Poland, the entrepreneurial couple was inspired to create a modern wellness space, combining a day spa and a spa room into one.
French and Zouaoui have carefully chosen Denver as the location for their new business and are happy to be members of the growing five-point community. The self-service water room will highlight the local brewery through a monthly tap water takeover plan. Ratio Beerworks is located a few blocks away and will supply 6 ready-made beers as well as hops and barley for the first month of bathing. The other four taps will offer gluten-free beer, cider, and red and white wine options.
With the help of the iPourIt self-service wine pouring system, guests can use RFID technology to pour and refill their own drinks, drinking as much or as much as they want. A thermos cup will be provided for the entire bar and spa, and every booking of the beer treatment room will include a $10 tap wall credit.
“With such a technology-oriented concept, self-watering is a breeze for the tap room aspect of our business,” Zouaoui said. “Self-service is the future. It is cool to let customers click on the RFID card and taste delicious beer in their leisure time. Using iPourIt, we can check exactly how much is left in each keg and scan the customer’s driver’s license for quick Check in. This is an amazing technology that will allow us to reduce our dependence on staffing and reduce management costs in the long run.”
The Beer Spa is located at 3004 N. Downing Street, Denver, CO 80205. It can be booked for open days, February 26 and beyond. All rooms and equipment are carefully cleaned and disinfected between use to ensure the safety of guests and employees.
Snug’s Beer Spa is a modern beer-centric day spa in Denver, Colorado. It invites you to “relax in a different way” with beer spas, high-tech zero-gravity massage chairs, and 10-tap self-pour taps. Relax while enjoying carefully selected local beer, wine, kombucha, etc., while enjoying unique alternative health treatments. Book now at and follow @thebeerspa for updates! About iPourIt, Inc. iPourIt, Inc. is the leader in automatic pour beverage dispensing technology in the United States. It has installed more than 6,800 taps, poured 205 million ounces, and put it into operation at 230 locations. Its expert team and operators and companies Cooperate with each other to create interesting and interactive self-service pouring experience in bars, restaurants, etc. Facts have proved that iPourIt technology can simplify labor requirements, reduce product losses, increase customer satisfaction and increase profitability. Learn more on
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Post time: Nov-04-2021