Benefits of regular massage

1. Improve blood circulation. Massage is purely through mechanical stimulation, so after a period of massage, we will feel the stimulation of the muscles and generate a certain amount of heat. Because massage is, due to the effect of pressing, the veins and blood vessels are squeezed to a certain extent, thereby accelerating the beating speed of the heart, then the muscles will contract during this period, and the blood flow speed will increase, which will increase the local skin temperature. High, long-term massage will improve blood circulation, the oxygen supply of the brain is also very sufficient, and promote our physical health. 2. Improving the immune function Our body’s long-term massage will improve the body’s immunity, thereby preventing many common diseases. We massage the Dazhui point during the massage process. This point will strengthen the body’s immune system function and increase the number of white blood cells. Pressing Zusanli and Yongquan points will improve the ability of the respiratory system to resist diseases, then the occurrence of a cold The rate will be greatly reduced. 3. Regulate endocrine. Now that people’s living habits are in sub-health, the endocrine in the body is easily out of balance. At this time, we press the acupuncture points of Fenglong, Sanjiaoshu, Gaoling, etc. to assist in the treatment of obesity and seborrhoea. Symptoms such as sexual hair loss make the body healthier. The acupuncture point Zusanli stimulates the secretion of estrogen in women, thereby avoiding the precipitation of stains, and has a certain beauty and beauty effect. 4. Regulate gastrointestinal peristalsis. The health of the gastrointestinal tract is very important because it determines the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. The faster the gastrointestinal peristalsis, the faster the waste from the body will be discharged from the body, thus playing a detoxification effect. Massage the acupuncture points of Weishu, Pishu, Dachangshu, etc., to adjust the speed of gastrointestinal peristalsis, thereby promoting gastrointestinal health. 5. Regulating the nervous system The nervous system directly affects the excitement of the brain, so massage can adjust the excitement of the nervous system. The massage points are the acupoints of the sun, Yintang, etc., so that the brain is in a state of inhibition, avoiding excessive Excitement can improve sleep quality.

Post time: Dec-23-2021