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Sims is known for his career winning the Heisman Trophy at the University of Oklahoma. He set foot in the restaurant industry in 2004 when he and his business partner Jeff Jackson opened the first farm shopping center in Tulsa. Home Billy Sims Grill.
But it does work. Billy Sims Barbecue currently has approximately 42 branches in the central United States, including restaurants in Kansas, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma.
“Then, about 10 years ago, Jeff started to introduce me to selling burgers,” Sims said. “I thought,’Man, everyone sells hamburgers. Let’s focus on what we know, barbecue.’”
However, Jackson refuted this observation: “People eat barbecue about once a month. But people eat burgers two to three times a week. I know we need to diversify, and this seems to be the best market.”
Last year, the first Billy Sims Burger opened in a Midwestern city. The second link of this potential chain made its debut in Tulsa a few weeks ago, where the two national chains Taco Cabana and Jimmy Hula’s are located.
“Billy and I are both gourmets, so we know what a good burger is,” Jackson said. “Our philosophy is to keep it simple-a small menu where we can focus on quality and make everything to order.
The menu is really small. One person’s choice is three burgers, all including cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise seasoning called “The Sims Sauce”. The single patties burger is priced at $5.99, and the double patties model is priced at $6.99. The 1978, named after the year Sims won the Heisman Award, is priced at $7.99.
The only other main course available is the fried chicken sandwich ($6.99) with lettuce, kimchi and herb mayonnaise. A serving of French fries can be added to any sandwich for only $2; an order itself is $2.99. Other aspects include cheese curds (mild soft cheese chunks mashed and fried) and “french fries” topped with cheese sauce and crumbled bacon ($4.99 each).
Jackson said: “If we have the ingredients, we will make burgers in any way customers want. But we always ask them to try first.”
Billy Sims Burger uses 100% Angus beef to make relatively thin patties, which are grilled on a flat-top grill pan. The meat in the double cheeseburger we tasted was lightly seasoned-definitely tasted beef, not salt or spices-and managed to retain a hint of juiciness. Vegetables and melted cheese add moisture and crunch.
The only thing that needs attention is the bread. There are traces of toasting on the inside, but when it is served, the bread feels cold, as if it has been baked in advance and stored in the refrigerator until it needs to assemble the sandwich.
I don’t really like fries with some kind of breadcrumbs on it, but the fries that come with the burger might make me transform-very crispy, slightly salty, and fresh.
The crumbs on the cheese curd are dotted with greenery and have a hint of garlic. The curd itself retains its signature sponge texture-which is a good thing. Although there are other sauces, they come with a small bucket of sturdy ranch dressing.
On another visit, we tried the chicken sandwich and French fries. Ordinary cheese sauce and crumbled bacon sprinkled on it have no effect on French fries.
The bun of this sandwich was cold like revenge again, but the contents of the bun were simply superb. I think a considerable part of the whole chicken breast is marinated in a mixture similar to thick slices of kimchi on a sandwich, coated with a crunchy batter, and paired with the above kimchi, a humble leaf lettuce and a small amount of strips. Grassy mayonnaise, in the best fried chicken sandwich I have ever seen.
The drinks here include self-service Pepsi products, regular and strawberry lemonade, and six flavored milkshakes. We tasted lemonade, which has a good balance between sourness and sweetness.
Jackson stated that Billy Sims Burger will not use third-party delivery services, such as Door Dash or Grubhub.
“You have to come to the store, or through our drive-through service, because we want our customers to have the best experience,” he said. “This is a freshly baked burger with fresh vegetables and homemade sauce, freshly cooked French fries or cheese curd.”
“When Jeff first started talking about this idea, I told him that if we do, I want to be a person like McDonald’s,” Sims said. “If you enter a McDonald’s anywhere in the world, you will know that what you get is consistent with every McDonald’s. I want the same consistency, and we want our food to be of higher quality.
“This consistency is important to me,” Sims said. He laughed, and then added, “I mean, this is my name. If people don’t like it, they will come to me!”
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